“ My story goes to show how one’s career has a lot of flexibility here.”

Full Stack Engineer
Shu-Hsuan Hsu

At Kronos, my job was originally to build infrastructure for trading and research, but soon evolved into trading strategy development. My story goes to show how one’s career has a lot of flexibility here.

My role at Kronos can split into two parts: trading and technical. On the trading side, I usually discuss with colleagues to find out what kinds of strategy can be useful and how to implement for better performance. On the other side, I mainly focus on how to make our system more flexible, more robust and more reliable. For fun, I also like to build in-house tools that can save time by automating tedious tasks.

My colleagues are all open mind and creative, during the working hours, we usually come up with some clever ideas that can make our trading program better or let our infrastructure become more robust and flexible. It is really fun to work with them!

I double majored in Computer Science and Management Information System from National Chengchi University within 4 years. After bachelors, I received a M.S. in Information Management from National Taiwan University. My research interests include the fields of computer vision, computer graphic and deep learning, and had published several academic papers. I also enjoy contributing to the open source world and shares on GitHub.