We are blazing the path towards broad participation in advanced fully automated strategies

Kronos delivers superior trading performance and liquidity through our advanced trading infrastructure and deep quantitative research capabilities


An arms race for "alpha" or prediction intelligence is being waged. Firms with the strongest alphas tend to dominate liquidity and provide the best risk-adjusted returns, leaving only scraps for second best.

At the heart of Kronos is our robust trading and research infrastructure which allows world class researchers to build, test, and trade advanced machine learning / AI models trained on large volumes of proprietary market data to capitalize on the best opportunities.

No matter how well we sell ourselves, we are measured internally and externally by our performance at the end of the day. So, let's have the numbers do the talking for us.

How Kronos strategies outperform the market / predict price?

  • Advanced machine learning techniques are used to identify profitable and repeatable market phenomena usually invisible to the human eye.

  • Our systems are built in-house and designed to operate extremely quickly with a high degree of accuracy.

  • Extensive operations suite to control risk, prevent trading errors, and ensure correct behavior even during severe turbulence.

Athough we are firm proponents of decentralization, markets are emphatically more efficient when liquidity and execution is centralized.

Currently digital asset liquidity is spread across multiple exchanges, each with various standards of custody, security and trading execution. This creates unnecessary risks and headaches for traders and investors - retail and institutional.

WOOTRADE is a quantitative-driven liquidity pool providing consistent and deep liquidity regardless of changing market conditions. It is a combined partnership with exchanges, wallets, OTC desks and traders globally to make trading the way it should be.

Making financial markets more fair and efficient for us all.

WOOTRADE is an intelligent order matching and routing engine that combines global liquidity and top market-makers to provide ultimate liquidity for exchanges/wallets and large traders.

WOOTRADE is NOT a recycler of liquidity, meaning we do not just aggregate liquidity from large exchanges. Rather, it aims to provide deep organic liquidity from market-makers globally.